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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 3, 1915

The woes of the Hearn family, formerly living near Phoenix, are being untangled by the county court and attorneys today in an effort to adjust their difficulties. They owe Elmer Coleman of the Phoenix Mercantile company $400 on a mortgage, and the husband faces a charge of baillie — it being alleged that he left the country with mortgaged property, leaving the debt behind, after his crop failed, and hard luck and sickness came.

The wife has been living on a meal a day, and during Christmas week the mate and father was brought back from eastern Washington. Attorney W.I. Vawter is acting as attorney for the Hearns in the effort to settle their affairs. It is said that Hearn is a good worker, but misfortune bested him.

The family story is a pitiful one. The oldest child is tone blind. It and the other  children are being cared for by their neighbors, while the faithful wife, on a borrowed $20 followed her husband here and has since lived on the little change left after paying the railroads.

The two Anderson boys, ages 14 and 16 years, will be given a hearing before the juvenile court this afternoon on a charge of having assaulted Carl Jescke, age 60 years, following a dispute Thursday night. The boys are alleged to have turned upon the old jeweler and beat him.

The boys claim they ventured into the Jescke yard to get their dog, when Jescke accused them of trying to steal his wood, and charged them with a club. The lads are said to have met the assault of the Teuton, and to have repulsed it after a short and vigorous skirmish. Afterwards Jescke swore out a complaint.