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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 6, 1915

Mrs. Fannie McNulty, convicted at the last term of the circuit court of forging the name of Mrs. Sarah E. Collins to a certificate of deposit for $380 on the Jackson County Bank, has been granted a conditional pardon by Governor Oswald West, the same now being in the hands of Circuit Judge Calkins. Mrs. McNulty's release will come when preliminary arrangements have been completed.

It is the desire of Mrs. McNulty to return to Boise, Idaho, but she is without funds. The county court has been asked to provide transportation to this point, and has the matter under consideration.

Mrs. McNulty was arrested at Boise last summer through the efforts of the Pinkerton detective agency. She was brought from Boise by Sheriff Singler, waiving extradition. From the start the sheriff's office has maintained that Mrs. McNulty was innocent.

Mrs. McNulty offered an alibi that at the time she was alleged to have secured the money, she was ill in bed. It failed to clear her, however, either at the preliminary hearing or the trial. The $380 represented the savings and sole support of Mrs. Collins.

The case attracted considerable attention at the time, as Mrs. McNulty has relatives living near Eagle Point.

ASHLAND, Jan. 6. — In line with determination to boost the beet sugar movement for all it is worth, a meeting will be held in this city on Saturday, January 9, at 2 p.m. at the city hall. A sugar expert will be on hand to demonstrate the merits of the plan, and everybody interested is especially urged to attend. If not interested, come and get interested.

Of all the development plans which have engaged the attention of the community for years past, this one takes the lead insofar as cultivation, marketing and manufacturing is concerned. in the meantime, the secretary of the Commercial club is sending out invitations to all ranchers and other cultivators urging them to be in attendance and hear the project discussed.