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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 7, 1915

The recorder's office is preparing the ballots for the city election Tuesday, Jan. 12. There will be two party designations thereon. the socialist candidates will be known by that name.The ticket headed by Councilman V.J. Emerick for mayor, and unofficially called the "stand-still ticket," will appear as "independent." The ticket headed by C.E. Gates for mayor will be undesignated.

The chief interest to date has been centered on the city charter and sentiment in its favor is steadily growing, particularly in the residence district. Lieutenants of the leading foes of the charter are busy on street corners campaigning.

To the Editor:

It is fortunate that the people of Medford do not have to depend upon theory respecting the advatages of the new charter. I came from Tacoma, Wash. They have one of these new charters. I know what the government of that city was before the new charter was adopted, and also after. I simply cannot find language to strong to express the change.

The new charter has made all the difference in the world. It makes the difference between decidedly bad and the very best government. As a man who has lived under both kinds of charters, and now a loyal citizen of Medford, I am extremely anxious to see the new charter carry. In fact, I wish anyone would find me a man here who has lived under one of these new charters, who is not strong for it for Medford.


J.W. Thomas, retired, for many years a practical, hard working and successful Rogue River valley farmer, amassing thereby a comfortable competence, writes as follows regarding the growing of sugar beets to the valley:

To The Public:

The sunset of life don't give me mystical lore or anything of the kind, but I want to say to the people of the Rogue River valley that if they don't give favorable consideration to the matter of signing up for enough sugar beet land to get that proposed factory under way, they will let the greatest opportunity go by them that has every been presented to this valley in the last quarter of a century.