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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 9, 1915

Charles Drake, wanted by the authorities for over a year on a warrant charged with obtaining money under false pretenses, was arrested by Constable A.B. Hammond Wednesday and now lies in the county jail awaiting the action of the grand jury.

Drake for over a year has been hiding in the upper reaches of Evans Creek, a district almost impenetrable, particularly in the winter time. All last Tuesday night the officer of the law lay in the woods waiting for the coming of Drake. In the morning smoke was seen to arise from the chimney of the cabin under surveillance. The officer entered and found Drake cooking breakfast. At first he refused to return, but reconsidered.

The case of Drake is unique. About a year ago he went into the goat business, purchasing a number of goals from a man by the name of Taylor. he bought what goats he could, according to the allegations. Then, it is asserted, he mortgaged the entire lot to Hiram F. Meador for $350. Upon securing the money, it is alleged, he departed and eluded detection until this week.

After a strenuous day's work, the camera man completed the pictures of the different schools Friday, with the exception of the Roosevelt school, which is scheduled for Monday morning.

The High school and Washington school were taken at study, while the Jackson and North schools were photographed outside during the entering at 1 o'clock and dismissal at three.

The Parent-Teachers meeting at both Washington and Jackson schools came in also for a share in the series of pictures of Life in Medford to be shown at the Page theatre Monday and Tuesday, and it will be jolly fun to see the mothers of the pupils sit like orderly scholars in the same benches their children occupied only a few minutes before.

At intervals, when the sun peeked through the clouds, the camera man was busy taking whatever was in range of the camera on the main street, and at noon yesterday got some of our busy citizens homeward bound for lunch.

The basketball game at the Nat was taken while at the height of the most interesting game, and today and tomorrow the rest of our unsuspecting citizens will find the camera pointed at them wherever they may go.