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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 11, 1915

What is believed to be the long-sought-for lost channel of Jacksonville Creek has been located after years of fruitless tunneling and prospecting by A. R Enyeart of Jacksonville, a placer miner, engaged in prospect work upon the Humer place, a quarter of a mile east of Jacksonville, and adjoining the right of way of the Barnum railroad.

Saturday afternoon he struck the old creek bed at a depth of 43 feet, and it is thought to be the lost channel that yielded forty millions in gold in pioneer days. A nugget worth $35 was taken from the pan Saturday, and according to report the other pans washed netted $30 each in gold. If early expectations increase, a gold strike can be expected.

In his development work Enyeart progressed upon the theory that the original bed, or one of the forks of Jackson Creek, was to the south of its present location. He also believed that a landslide a century or so ago buried this channel and rich gold-bearing earth. The developments of the last week justify in a measure this theory.

Saturday Enyeart cut through the stone capping covering the channel and found bedrock, and is now preparing to pierce this section. Yellow stone was first found under the recent (geologically speaking) soil covering. Then came streak of blue gravel, similar to the pay dirt at Yreka, that has for years yielded a golden revenue every month. For years prospectors have worked upon the theory that the lost channel was to the west. It was this channel that in early times made Jacksonville one of the world's greatest gold camps. The tread of the Enyeart findings is in a northeasterly direction.

When interviewed this morning, Mr. Enyeart refused to divulge any information on his discovery, saying that he was not ready to give any details. Before beginning work on the present dump he sank a shaft on the north side of the Barnum road. This morning he was engaged in putting in a casing and has installed a gasoline engine. Three men are at work.

The report of the find created but little excitement in the county seat. A half dozen old miners were out this morning surveying the ground adjacent to the Enyeart work. Enyeart has a contract for the mineral rights to the land he is working.