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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 15, 1915

The body of Charles Thomason, victim of a mysterious shooting on the north fork of Anderson Creek Thursday afternoon, between three and four o'clock, was brought to the city this morning by Coroner John A. Perl. With it came the grief-stricken, aged father, and a number of witnesses, who will testify at the hearing to be held this afternoon.

Developments today in the evidence left not a shred of doubt, but that Thomason was killed by an unknown hunter who mistook him for a deer and who, like himself, was shooting deer out of season. The course of the bullet, and the unburned clothing, that would have naturally followed the accidental discharge of his own gun at close range, dispel this theory advanced by the sheriff's office Thursday night.

Body Found By Father

According to the story of the father, N.S. Thomason, the dead man left their cabin in mid afternoon in search of deer. It was agreed that at a whistle the father should come and help bring in the results of the hunt. In a half or three-quarters of an hour, the father heard four shots. Two of them were together. Following these there was a prolonged whistle, the agreed signal, and the father started toward the sound. En route he heard another shot, followed by a series of whistles that led him to the spot. After an interval he heard the last of the four shots, and probably the one that killed his boy.

About 60 rods from the family cabin, the body of the son was found, and 50 feet away, down the hillside, lay the two deer, one a fawn and dressed, and the other a buck. Both were fixed to carry. Life was extinct when the father arrived.

Theory of Shooting

The strongest supposition now advanced is that Thomason after killing the two deer made his way toward his cabin, his shots attracting the attention of another hunter out on the same illegal mission, who followed in his wake, hoping to get a shot at the flushed game, or at a fleeing wounded deer if Thomason's shot had failed to be effective. Thomason in the meantime proceeded toward his cabin with his meat, and when near home stopped to dress the deer, and gave the call to his aged parent.