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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 18, 1915

ASHLAND — A recent library report of the past year reveals the fact that the institution has only one daily paper on its reading tables, and that a Portland sheet. It certainly ought to have the Mail Tribune for its wealth of late telegraph service and county news. This need will be investigated.

The institution's figures for 1914 are interesting. Out of a total circulation of over 25,000 volumes during the year, only two books were lost. Receipts were $3,081.56, and expenditures $2,151.81, leaving a balance of nearly a thousand dollars on hand with which to enter 1915's activities. The tax levy in behalf of the library yields $2,250.41.

The number of volumes is 5,187. As showing the trend of literary taste prevailing thereabouts, for the time being at least, it is mentioned incidentally that the books most sought after during the past year related to sociological topics.

Miss Blanche Hicks is librarian, and six other ladies are represented on the board of nine trustees.

With dual systems of electric lighting in the same town, complications are bound to arise.

A local barber, desiring to assume an impartial attitude toward both factions, lit up his shop from current supplied by the Siskiyou annex to the Oregon-California plant, while his residence patronage went to the municipal system — or he supposed it did, inasmuch as he paid the house rates for months into the city coffers.

When the local substation was destroyed here recently, both his shop and house illumination ceased instantly. Result, he had been connected up in both instances with one company. Some language was in order that is not to be measured in kilowatts. Exit the dual system as far as he is concerned, and enter official investigators who can't pass the buck from one to another any longer.

In the meantime the party of the first part threatens to cut out both systems and fall back upon the full moon schedule until matters are adjusted.