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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 31, 1915

ASHLAND — The whirlwind campaign on behalf of sugar beets was continued hereabouts yesterday. George Millner and Tom Chapman piloted Messrs. Waters and Meeker of Medford throughout territory east of Ashland and succeeded in getting several new signers, as well as increases from parties who have heretofore signed. Among the number were:

O.J. Rathbun, just outside of eastern city limits, 15 additional acres.

O.D. Lowe, on the old Wells place, five acres with water.

J.A. Graham, across Bear Creek, five acres.

W.A. Cooper, True place, east of town, three acres with water.

R.A. McCallister, southeast of town, five acres, with a possibility of 50 acres.

A. Eske, Bellview district, five acres.

J.W. Rogers, three acres increased to seven.

George W. Dunn, accompanied by Messrs. Mann, Kidd, Lebo and Mitchell of Medford, and C.W. Nims of Ashland, canvassed territory in the Dunn and Barron neighborhoods, but up to Friday evening no definite returns had been sent in. Inasmuch as the time limit expires February 1, further developments may be expected.

The total acreage in this locality signed up is about 185.

Two large crowds saw the film dramatization of Jack London's "The Valley of the Moon" at the Star Theatrer last night, the advance sale of seats proving highly successful. There was no long wait for patrons, the time of the starting of the shows being printed on the tickets. The films are faithful in detail to the story, and many beautiful scenes are shown. The show will be presented this evening again, and a large crowd is assured.

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