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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 3, 1915

The city council at its regular meeting Tuesday night clipped the salary of Public Market Master E.J. Runyard from $75 to $50 a month, the first step in a new policy of economy. The action was taken upon the ground that $50 a month was enough for three workdays a week. It is also held that no especial amount of skill or training is necessary for the handling of the place. The step of the council came as a surprise to many throughout the city, as the market has been most successful under his management.

The Gold Hill smallpox scare is a thing of the past and the epidemic has worn itself out. Few of the residents think it was smallpox, and most of them assert it was only chickenpox — at least many of the sufferers who have recovered say it was. Whatever it was, the danger is over, and strict quarantine established on the few remaining cases.

Mrs. Louise W. Connor, landlady at the Oregon Hotel at Ashland has been declared bankrupt before Attorney F.J. Newman, and E.T. Staples of Ashland was named trustee this morning. The first papers were filed January 18. The assets are placed at $6,000 and the liabilities at $10,000. Trustee Staples will operate the hotel. A hearing in the matter was held this morning. The property is owned by the Ashland Hotel company.

The Crater Lake Motor Car Company is expecting their new eight-cylinder Cadillac to arrive tomorrow. The car has been on exhibition at the Portland automobile show, where it has been admired by thousands of people. The Cadillac has monopolized the attention of the people at all the automobile shows this season. The ease in which it takes hills and the quiet running of the motor has excited the admiration of all.

The car is 100 pounds lighter this season, the engine alone weighing 60 pounds less. The gasoline consumption is less than the (four-cylinder model). Only in extreme cases will the gears need shifting. All experts who have driven the car claim it will make Crater Lake on the high. This car will be on exhibition at the Crater Lake Motor Car company's garage on February 5, 6 and 7.