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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 4, 1915

There is no change in the beet sugar factory proposition today outside of a quiet seeking after acreage. Soil expert Storey is in the Ashland district today, looking over the acreage signed there. Members of the committee are waiting for the return of Messrs. Bramwell and Nibley from Portland, when something more definite in regard to the project is expected.

Soil expert Storey is discarding much of the land signed, not irrigated or lying directly on creek bottom. In some instances land has been rejected even with irrigation, the owner then declaring that he would plant beets anyway. The present plan of the committee is to wait until after the decision of Messrs. Bramwell and Nibley, and then make a grand final effort for the required acreage.

Reports from Grants Pass show that much land is being signed up in that section, but whether it will past muster under soil expert Storey is a question. Mr. Storey will visit that section the last of the week.

The question of the beet sugar factory will be settled this week, though the limit placed upon the time was the middle of the month. Some of the farmers are holding back their spring seeding, waiting for the final decision on the beet sugar factory.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 4 — Delphine Foreman, 23 years old, daughter of H.W. Foreman of Medford, Ore., filed suit for $25,000 damages for breach of promise against B.F. May, 65 years old, of Virginia, in the superior court today. She says May promised to give her a motorboat and an automobile if she would go to San Diego and marry him. She alleges he induced her to have the name "Mrs. B.F. May" painted on her trunks in San Francisco.

There is no Delphine Foreman or H.W. Foreman in the city directory.