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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 5, 1915

The establishment of a beet sugar factory is now up to the sugar interests. Sufficient acreage to justify the building of the plant has been signed up, according to Soil Expert Storey. The beet sugar committee will telegraph or telephone Messrs. Bramwell and Nibley at Portland today, conveying these facts, and ask for a definite reply one way or the other.

According to a telephone message received from Grants Pass Thursday night, in the neighborhood of 2,000 acres have been signed up in that section, largely bottom land and sub-irrigated. Soil Expert Storey left this morning for the north end of the county and will spend the next two days inspecting the land. To date 1,400 acres have been examined and accepted in this valley.

Two obstacles confront the sugar beet factory — one is the fact that the acreage is scattered from Mount Shasta to Grants Pass, and the other is the lack of irrigation. The first complicates the handling of the product, and the second, when lacking in a dry year, would mean the loss of thousands of dollars. The interests back of the factory proposition have been given assurances that the Rogue River valley is on the eve of adopting irrigation. They understand that the general sentiment of the valley is for irrigation, the rub coming on the method to be used in procuring it. It is also generally conceded that if the industrial projects reject this valley, it will be due to the logic that they do not care to gamble their investment against the whims of the weather.

Something definite is expected by the first of next week, so that those who have signed up acreage can begin work either on beets or grain. The Rogue River valley has done its share, as far as the land is concerned.