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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 12, 1915

Blanks for carrying on of the federal employment bureau have been received at the local post office. A jobless man or employer can file his application for help or work at the post office, and it will be classified and circulated through the post offices of the land. The blanks received in this city are for farm and orchard help, and contain information regarding the kind of work, number of cows to be tended, stock, and all other data of interest to a worker. The United States is divided into 18 zones, and the state of Oregon is zone 16. By this means, an accurate tab can be kept on labor conditions throughout the state.

Republicans of Jackson County will have their night of joy at the Lincoln Day banquet to be held this evening at the Medford Hotel. George P. Putnam, private secretary of Governor Withycombe, will be the guest of honor and principal speaker. This afternoon he is being taken over the Pacific highway for an auto ride, and visiting nearby towns. Col H.R. Sargent, head of local Bull Moosers, will be another important speaker. Colonel Sargent's speech is expected to start a stampede of Roosevelt men back into the G.O.P. corral.  Prominent wheelhorses of standpatism will make five-minute talks. Republicans from all over the county are expected to be in attendance. It will be a love and harmony feast.

Advertisement: "A bigger army an' navy ain't liklier to spread the 'war germ' in this country than mo' doctors are to make mo' sick folks." — Velvet Joe

Peace and content radiate from a pipe of Velvet, The Smoothest Smoking Tobacco. This Kentucky Burley de Luxe with the aged-in-the-wood mellowness gives all the slow-burning satisfaction usually associated with "strong" tobacco. Yet Velvet is the coolest and mildest of smokes.