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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 13, 1915

Wanton brutality of a Southern Pacific brakeman on a southbound freight train Friday night is being investigated by the local authorities, wherein Jose Aquilar, a full-blooded Spaniard driven out of Torreon, Mexico, last spring by the exile order of Villa, was rendered unconscious by a blow from the fist of a trainman described as "six feet tall and burly." Aquilar was senseless for half an hour, and was lodged in the city jail by Sergeant Pat Mego.

Aquilar can understand no English, and was in a box car near the Medford warehouse when the assault occurred. The brakeman ordered him to get off. Aquilar, not understanding the order, hesitated. Whereupon, according to the testimony of two traps who reported the case to the police, the brakeman held his lantern to the face of the wanderer, and with calm cruelty struck a terrific blow, knocking him out of the car door. The blow landed flush on the bridge of the nose, and for a time it was thought that a member was broken. After the assault the police made a search for the brakeman, but could find no one who had ever seen him.

The railroad will make an investigation of the affair.

ASHLAND — At the special city election yesterday to determine the question of amending the charter to eliminate the Billings property from the city limits to permit construction of the Pacific highway, the measure carried by a vote of 528 for to 28 against. This election determines the matter of vacating certain western municipal territory, thus turning it over to the jurisdiction of the county exclusively.