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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 20, 1915

The Central Point Packing Co., formerly the Central Point Meat Co., has been incorporated with $10,000 capital stock, with C.E.B. Webb as president, A.C. Fiero as secretary, J.H. Carlton treasurer and general manager. They intend to slaughter local animals, kill, dress and pack meat and sell it to the local markets and furnish a steady market for the sheep, cattle and hogs raised in the valley.

The need of such an institution is shown by comparison of the business done here with other places. Pendleton and Baker City slaughter three times as many animals as slaughtered in the valley, and La Grande two and a half times, while Medford meat importations are in excess of those of the three cities combined. The new company will put up a premium brand of ham and bacon, which will be standard and equal to any of the imported brands. Only one other district in the Northwest is comparable to the Rogue River valley as a hog producer.

The company will fill a long-felt want as it will furnish a market where a small producer can sell his product and realize as good prices as if he shipped in carload quantities.

Ashland wants a slogan. It must be a short, pithy and distinctive one. It also must be ready by March 25, preceding date of the big booster blowout. The ladies of the Civic Improvement Club will award a prize of five dollars for such a slogan as comes up to requirements demanded by their committee, Mesdames Whitney, Shoudf, Graham, Rocho and Pell. As a starter here's a suggestion: "Advantages Advertise Ashland."

William Powell, "The Old Cider Man," who quenched the thirst of the traveling public with apple juice for over 20 years at his familiar old stand near the depot, would be surprised at the innovations which his sons Thad and Bert have introduced in the business. A brand new fruit stand and cider dispensary combined has been installed on the premises, equipped with refrigerating devices, cash registers and other improvements.