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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 26, 1915

Application has been made in the Circuit Court by the California-Oregon Power Company, through their attorney, A.C. Hough, of Grants Pass, for the issuance of an injunction restraining the Rogue River Public Service Corporation from removing a power line, furnishing electricity to the Braden mine of Kanes Creek. The line passes over property in dispute. A half mile of unused line has been taken down.

The removal of the line, it is held, would deprive the Braden mine of power, and is the chief contention in the application. A hearing on the case will be given this week.

Ashland items: Conley F. Bates, aged 53, celebrated his birthday anniversary on Wednesday at the family residences, 460 Boulevard. The observance was participated in by Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Beebe and Councilman Cornelius and family, intimate friends, who congratulated the host on the attainment of passing his half-century majority. Mr. Bates was born near Washington, Mich., and has been a resident for over 12 years. For a time he was Southern Oregon Pacific agent at Siskiyou, and later on filled a like position in the local office as freight agent.

Roses and other blossoms are all right in their place, but it is a question whether the proper place is along the street alignment. A well-kept park row of emerald hue affords a finer setting than is afforded by shrubs and bushes, fads and fancies to the contrary notwithstanding. The school board met this proposition in regard to the park row facing the West Side school, and not only frowned upon but decided not to introduce the innovation.

Fred L. Colvig, treasurer, makes statement covering collection of taxes for 1914 as follows:

First of all, taxes legally levied and charged shall be paid prior to April 1 following, the remaining one-half to be paid on or before August 31 following without penalty.

Interest shall be charged and collected on any tax or one-half of tax not so paid at the rate of one percent per month, or fraction of a month until paid. All taxes remaining unpaid September 1 shall become delinquent and will be subject to penalty of 10 percent and interest at the rate of 12 percent per annum until paid.