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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 27, 1915

The suit of Russell Wheeler, a 13-year-old boy, through his guardian for $10,000 damages against Dr. R.W. Clancy of this city, for alleged malpractice in the setting of a broken leg, is being heard in the Circuit Court today. It is not expected that the evidence will be completed before Monday noon.

The suit is based upon the allegation that the leg of the boy, when set after breaking, was improper, necessitating a second breaking of the limb, and a consequent resetting, to save permanent crippling. The limb was first broken while playing over two years ago.

The plaintiff is represented by E.D. Briggs of Ashland and Newton Borden of this city, and the defendant by Attorney McCormack. Many Medford doctors were called this morning as expert witnesses on technical points.

A Ford auto, two motorcycles, a half dozen Plymouth Rock hens and a sack of corn were stolen Friday night in a sudden outbreak of crime in this city.

The Ford belonged to M.M. Root, who was attending the annual dance of the University Club. The machine was left standing in front of the Holland. The machine was found this morning at the end of Riverside Avenue, where the joyriders had collided with a hay rack.

The motorcycles belonged to Elmer Hereford and Lawrence Frees, and were stolen from sheds at their homes. The sack of corn and hens belonged to M.E. Willis, living on Peach Street.

ASHLAND — Such prosaic and homely names such as Roper's Bunion, Crowson Hill and others may be eliminated, owing to extensive changes in the contour of these localities due to improvements now going on in regard to parks and scenic drives. Glenview is the term that will be applied to top-notch roadway east of the creek. Valley View is the name suggested for the west drive. Collectively they afford enchanting views of the city valley and canyon. These roads are not merely trails or bridle paths, but will be substantial highways accommodating automobiles. They will merge up the canyon in the neighborhood of Praytor's Park. It has been proposed to name the two units the King's Highway, but this question has not yet been settled definitely.