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Mail Tribune 100

Feb. 28, 1915

With a parade of 1,000, headed by two bands, a banquet and speeches, Ashland yesterday celebrated the birth of a new civic spirit, and the determination to put her lithia water on every table in the land. Over 500 guests from the cities of the Rogue River Valley partook of the banquet, which interposed music, songs and boosting speeches. The affair was under the direction of the Ladies' Civic Improvement club. It was the most enthusiastic meeting in the history of Ashland.

Revenge came to the Medford high school Friday night at the Nat, when her basketball team administered the most stinging defeat in school athletic history in Southern Oregon to their old rival, the Ashlandites. The score was 31 to 10. A grain of comfort is given the Granite City by the victory of the Ashland girls over the Medford girls by the close score of 9 to 8. Over 500 people saw the game, and in a display of school spirit, the local contingent went mad with excitement.

The Ashland team was outplayed, out-generaled and out-gamed from start to finish. Before the dashing teamwork and dazzling passing of the locals, they were bewildered, baskets being scored almost at will. At the beginning of the second half, vicious playing on the part of visitors brought threats of disqualification from Referee Cooper. In five minutes of play, Pelouze and Cowgill, stars for the Medford team, were temporarily put out of commission, both by Spencer of Ashland. Pelouze was jabbed with an elbow in the mouth, and Cowgill received an elbow in the eye. Supporters of the Medford team were given to put these two men out, in a desperate attempt to win. Both Pelouze and Cowgill stayed in the game. In a series of whirlwind plays in the middle of the second half, Medford swamped their ancient foes and cinched the game.