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Mail Tribune 100

March 2, 1915

A Mail Tribune reporter called at the Andrews residence, which has of late been turned into a music studio for opera rehearsals. Rehearsals, however, were over for the day, and Signor Giordano was equipped in a typical western suit, with the mountain boots and the broad-brimmed hat, and when asked if this were some of his operatic regalia, he informed the reporter that long country walks are fully as essential to a good performance of opera as are rehearsals.

"Your Rogue River Valley is a delightful spot," said he. "It reminds me of my beloved Sicily, the land of my birth. Sicily, as you know, is a fruit country with great orchards reaching well up into the hills, such as I see here looking toward the east.

"I have a lemon orchard in my native country; the trees are young — they will begin to bear this year. It has been a heavy expense to me for the past six or seven years."

The signor was informed that he would find plenty of sympathizers in the Rogue River Valley, as a large number of orchardists here had been going through a similar experience.

"But we know a lot about orchards here in Medford; let us hear something of your operatic experiences, Signor Giordano."

"Well, let me see. I made my debut in 'Carmen' at the San Carlos opera house in Naples, December 1906. I made a hit, as you say here in America, and this led to engagements in the opera houses of Rome, Palermo, Milan and Turin. Afterward I sang in Berlin for 18 months and went from there to Paris, and thence to the principal cities of Russia. In my Russian engagements I had the pleasure of singing with Bellincioni, Alvarez, Battistini, Giraldoni and other artists who were especial favorites of the czar and engaged by him year after year.

"From Russia I went to Constantinople by special request of the sultan, and was to have been made a permanent member of his majesty's special company, but the revolution of a few years ago put an end to that. I was decorated by the sultan, but that did me very little good, as I was deposed at the same time as his majesty."