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Mail Tribune 100

March 6, 1915

Harry Syrman, a 15-year-old  nephew of Loris Martin, on trial in the circuit court for the murder of Game Warden A.S. Hubbard last December, made a statement upon the witness stand this morning upon cross-examination that may make him the star witness of the trial, and ensured his being called as the witness by the state. The words of the relative of the accused man may be a serious blow to the plea of self-defense offered by the defense.

"When you first went to the scene of the crime, what did Uncle Loris say to you about Hubbard's scabbard?" asked Prosecutor Kelly.

"He told me that Hubbard's pistol seemed to stick in the scabbard," the witness replied.

"When was there talk about the scabbard?" continued the state's representative, the witness upon the first query of the prosecutor having denied that there had been any mention of a scabbard.

Attorney Reames for the defense was immediately upon his feet, filing an objection to the questions, which were sustained by the court. Prosecutor Kelly announced that he would call young Skyrman as a witness for the state when the defense had concluded its case. The statement of the boy, coming from a relative of the accused, when on the stand in behalf of his uncle, was an unexpected blow to the defense, which since Friday noon had been carefully building up the foundations for Martin's testimony, which are expected to show that he was in fear for his life when Hubbard dismounted from his horse, and fired only in self-defense.

Skyrman said that he was in school, when the teacher announced that Hubbard had been killed, but denied that he said, "Uncle Loris has killed him." He testified that a short time after the announcement he asked to be dismissed, and started for the scene of the shooting, meeting Constable A.L. Irwin of Ashland, the only eye witness to the tragedy, en route.

The witness said that Irwin told him that Martin killed Hubbard, and asked him to hurry to the scene. Irwin told the lad, he testified, that Martin said something about committing suicide in his remorse, and wanted him to persuade his kin against this step, and also to ask him to surrender to Irwin.