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Mail Tribune 100

March 11, 1915

Further steps to secure the development of the natural mineral springs of Jackson county, particularly those located near Ashland, which have been taken by the county court, which extended moral support to the promotion of any project backed by Frank H. Ray of New York and capital he enlists. the city of Ashland has already bonded itself for the sum of $175,000 in the development of the lithia springs, but this amount is hardly a drop in the bucket for the amount needed to bring out every feature of the natural wonders. the petition was prepared and presented by E.J. Liljegram. Private capital, it is argued, could make the Rogue River valley, "the playground of the world."

The petition states for years tourists have flocked to the springs of Europe, inferior in ingredients, to those undeveloped near Ashland, and that the European war has left thousands of tourists with no watering resort, or one for some time to come. The curative powers of the Ashland springs are set forth as exceeding those of the old world, and that all that is needed is private capital to grasp these opportunities for wealth. The building of a great tourist hotel and recreation grounds with bathing facilities is planned, as a lure to travelers.

The petition is signed by the county court, and definite action is expected upon it soon.

Editorial: Councilman Medynski's suggestion that the poor of the city plant the vacant lots to potatoes, corn and other produce that can be utilized by themselves and sold in the market is an excellent one.

The planting of the vacant city lots has proved profitable wherever tried. The late Mayor Pingtree of Detroit made a national reputation by inaugurating potato planting. The example was successfully followed in many other communities, affording real relief.

The planting of idle land should not be confined to city lots. The county is full of idle land that can be utilized at a profit. Much of it can be had for the asking for a season's crop. Wheat and all other products promise to realize good prices. All of this land should be utilized.

Owners of teams unable to secure steady employment should secure this land and plant it, instead of standing on street corners and knocking. Those who have depended on charity to keep their families over the winter should plant enough to insure their food supply another winter.