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Mail Tribune 100

March 18, 1915

Sinful Medford is threatened with the fate of the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah according to a prophesy sent the Mail Tribune from an unknown source. Perhaps Roxy Ann is to get busy as a volcano and overwhelm the valley, in which case it is hoped operations begin in time to attract the world's fair tourist traffic. Perhaps Crater Lake is going to blow out again. Anyway, something awful is to happen — perhaps. Here's the prophesy:

"BE READY!" This warning comes to all from God. Behold He has shown great trouble coming on the valley soon. Four times in vision He has shown me a mountain that stands out alone erupting. Once He has shown me great black smoke rising with Medford written in the smoke, and the whole valley covered with a stream of black substance with a seam of fire running through, and twice He has let me hear and see the noise and horror of a volcano and last night He showed me the red light lighting up the town and darts of fire falling over the town."

Percival Tucker, accused by Harry Foster, held in the county jail on a charge of robbing the home of Jailer Wilson, of having committed the crime, was released by Justice of the Peace Taylor this afternoon, Tucker providing an alibi. Foster alleged that Tucker robbed the Wilson home, and gave him the jewelry found in his possession, but this was held to be a scheme to shift the blame for the crime from his own shoulders.

The Wilson home was robbed and then burned. Foster was befriended by Jailer Wilson, being on parole for passing forged checks. No suspicion was attached to him until he was caught trying to sell a watch belonging to his benefactors, to Will H. Wilson.

Advertisement: There can be no Disease Germs in Medford Creamery Butter. It is pasteurized.

Come see it made at 115 North Central Avenue.

A.A. MOODY, Prop.