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Mail Tribune 100

March 23, 1915

Frightened at the approach of southbound passenger train No. 13 this morning as it neared the Jackson Street crossing, Mrs. Mark Applegate fell from the rear seat of a motorcycle driven by a young man by the name of Doom, a blacksmith helper, aged 18 years. Mrs. Applegate sustained a bruised face and hip as a result of the fall. The train was stopped, and the injured woman was brought to this city, where she was taken to the Sacred Heart hospital. According to the fireman of the train, the motorcycle was going at a high rate of speed when the accident occurred, and it seemed that Mrs. Applegate leaped through fear of being struck by the oncoming train. The train stopped in seven car lenghts. The motorcycle was undamaged, and its driver sustained no injuries.

Orchardists and landowners in the district lying south of Medford brought face-to-face with the problem of combatting another dry year, have launched an irrigation project that will furnish water for 1,000 acres. Solicitors are now in the field securing signers.

The proposition is to use water from Bear Creek, using the old Phoenix mill ditch, and a five-mile extension ditch as carriers. The Bear Creek water rights are held by the Roguelands company. The company agrees to finance and build the emergency project at actual cost, the contracts to expire and the payments to apply when the high line canal is completed in the valley. The cost of the project is estimated at $16,000. Engineers have declared the project feasible. The plan is fathered by Wellborn Beeson of Talent and W.A. Sumner of the Klamath orchards.

Mabel Pullen and Raymon Biege, who disappeared from this city a week ago, were located in the home of the girl's grandmother near Central Point this morning. According to the police, the couple spent most of the time they've been missing at the hotel at Central Point, with a short stay in Jacksonville. The young couple, both about 18 years of age, were turned over to the juvenile authorities. The mother of the girl will arrive this afternoon from northern California to take her home. The couple did not secure a marriage license.