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Mail Tribune 100: March 24, 1915

March 24, 1915

I. Reiner, a transient, is held in the city jail on a charge of robbing the Washington school last Friday night and attempting to burglarize the home of Frank Craig, employed by Eads brothers, last Saturday night. Reiner was arrested by Chief Hittson this morning after being under surveillance for a couple of days.Craig, who lives on 11th Street, identified Reiner as the man who daringly kicked in the front door of his home last Saturday night. His wife is expected to identify him this afternoon, when the prisoner is brought before her. Both the husband and wife secured a good view. Reiner is also identified by Will H. Wilson as the man who sold a 100-foot steel tape measure to him, afterwards identified  as the property of the Washington school. Some silverware was also found in his possession. The police are trying to check up on Reiner's record in California.Acquaintances of Reiner's on the "road" came to his rescue with an alibi, saying that he was in Redding, Calif., when the crimes with which he is charged were committed. Reiner is a young man, and is well-educated. 

A week remains in which to make the first half payment without interest on taxes, Wednesday, March 31, being the last day. After March 31, all taxes ... will be subject to interest at the rate of 1 per cent until August 31, when they become delinquent, subject to a 10 per cent penalty and 12 per cent per annum interest.First half payments made before April 1 entitle the taxpayer to defer payment on the remainder until September 30, after after which they become subject to the 10 per cent penalty and 12 per cent per annum interest.Practically all of the taxpayers of Jackson County have taken advantage of the half-payment clause. The Southern Pacific, the largest tax payer in the county, is expected to make its half payment on the final day.