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Mail Tribune 100

March 26, 1915

Weather Observer Theo F. Drake reached Medford yesterday and entered at once upon the work of frost warning and preparations for the making of a weather survey of the valley. Through the persistent work of the Commercial Club, the national government ordered the making of this survey, and to that end the establishment of 10 more co-operative observation stations scattered through the district.

Mr. Drake is spending today in a tour of the valley with Ben Sheldon, looking for suitable locations for these additional stations. He will be on duty at the local weather office nights when frost danger seems imminent.

Cloudiness and a change in the weather prevented frost Thursday night.

Walter Lees, a boy tramp, aged 17 years, was arrested by the police Thursday night after he is alleged to have made several attempts to enter the home of Jack Dent of the Wells-Fargo Express company. Lees rapped at the front door, and when the knocks were responded to by Mrs. Dent, tried to force his way into the house, according to the police version. Mrs. Dent, badly frightened, phoned her husband, who rushed to the scene, capturing Lees, and afterwards turning him over to the custody of the police. Lees will be examined this afternoon regarding his sanity, as his actions and manner of speech are classed as queer. Lees says his home is in Washington, near Tacoma.

ASHLAND, March 26 — After much delay in a movement along this line, Ashland is to have a merchants' association. Preliminary steps toward forming such an organization will be taken at a meeting to be held at Moose Hall this evening. In the wording of the announcement, "the object is the harmonizing of business interests and the welfare of Ashland." Every business man in town is invited. An association of this kind in nowise conflicts with the work of the Commercial Club, inasmuch as each organization has its own problems and scope of activities. Mutual help and self-protection is its aim.

L.R. Merrick of Portland is expected to be present, also several members of Medford's contingent of live wires, who will give testimony as to the faith which is in them. A banquet and smoker will assist in whiling away the social hour. Moose Hall will undoubtedly be the scene of a lively and interesting meeting.