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Mail Tribune 100: March 29, 1915

March 29, 1915

Electrical and auto thieves opened a campaign in this city Saturday night, centering their attacks on machines left standing near the Page Theater. To combat this, Dr. F.C. Page has offered a reward of $5 for the arrest and conviction of the party or parties guilty of the thefts. Saturday night the tail light was stolen from the Maxwell car in the lobby of the Page Theater, a clock was stolen from Dr. J.J. Emmons' car and storage batteries taken from others. The thieves are also after copper wire and fittings. The police believe the operations are being carried on by an organized gang.

Annette Kellerman, the perfect woman, is seen at the Page Monday and Tuesday of this week in a gorgeous and spectacular film masterpiece, "Neptune's Daughter." This is a picture different from anything ever before seen, and is a thrilling and beautiful pictorial triumph. It is a wonderful production showing Annette Kellerman, the queen of the sea, as a great actress, a graceful dancer and an expert swordswoman.

Fire early Sunday morning gutted a residence on Kenwood Avenue, near West Fourth Street, owned by S.D. Steppe, causing a damage of about $400. The alarm was turned in at 2:30 o'clock. The house is unoccupied, but furnished. The fire is supposed to have been started by trespassing merrymakers, who entered the house with a pass key and built a fire in the stove. The floor beneath the stove was burned. Beer bottles and other evidences of an orgy were found. Neighbors reported that they had heard singing and loud talk in the house on several occasions.