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Mail Tribune 100

June 2, 1915


The following dispatch was received by the Crater Lake Motor Car company today.

"Bosch magneto with DePalma driving a Mercedes won five hundred mile race making fastest time in history. Average 89.9 miles per hour. Resta won second in Peugeot, third, Stutz. every car started used reliable Bosch Magneto ignition, of course.


There appeared around the sun this morning a ring, showing all the cardinal colors of the rainbow, causing a general gazing upward of the populace, and many dire and foreboding prophecies. Some said that the great day of the Lord was near. The superstitious quivered, and the calm averred that the phenomena was caused by light rays striking clouds of dust high in the sky.

A.A. Croft of Agate viewed the sun ring with alarm, though he said he was no alarmist. Mr. Croft quoted Scripture from St. Matthew as follows: "There shall be signs in the moon, and signs in the sun, and great distress among the nations." Mr. Croft clinched his argument by referring to the European war, and pointed towards Old Sol.

Attorney B.F. Mulkey viewed the phenomena and said with a Shakespearean flourish said, "it is enough to make your eyes to start like stars from their spheres, and each of the separate and combined hairs of your locks to stand on end like quills upon the fretful porcupine."

The sun rings disappeared about noon, but some still worry.


To the Editors:

Resolved, by local Medford socialist party, that we protest against the slur published in your columns to the effect that George Hamlin, accused of a serious offense, is well known in socialist circles, or that he is a socialist.

As a local we do not know him, and very few individual socialists know him.

Had he been a republican, a democrat or Bull Moose (any of which he may be), would your local column mention his politics?

R.F. CASEBOLT, secretary,

June 1, Medford, Ore.