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Mail Tribune 100

June 8, 1915


(Gold Hill News)

Throughout southern Oregon the fraternity which delves into the hills for pay rock is watching with interest the performance of the Braden new conical pebble mill. Some weeks have been spent in the installation of the ponderous machine, which constitutes a complete innovation in local milling methods. The mill has been in operation for several days and is grinding its golden grist without a hitch. Together with the tailings, which are being fed it for saving of their unclaimed values, the mill has increased its ordinary ore capacity of 150 tons to a gross digestion of 250 tons per day. It is said to be perfectly successful in every way.

The conical pebble mill works on the principle of the cement tube mills, in that the rock is ground to flour by the action of the flinty pebbles in continuous revolution. The mill proper, as indicated by the name, is cone-shaped. the pebbles of rocks employed are the size of oranges and very smooth and hard. There was a belief, borne out in part by some investigation, that the quality of stone required for the purpose could not be secured in this country. At any rate, the ton or two which accompanied the Braden's new mill were imported. They are gathered on the Norwegian coast. Certain local engineers have discovered a similar pebble, equally as hard and perfectly adapted to the purpose, as they claim, along the course of the Rogue River.

The Braden mine has never before reached the pinnacle of production. With the installation of the old Hardinge mill, the old order changes and it is anticipated that the property will set a high record for the Gold Hill district and the state.