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Mail Tribune 100

June 9, 1915


Mrs. J.L. Thorndike lies at Sacred Heart hospital suffering from a severe concussion of the brain, as the result of a motorcycle accident on North Riverside avenue Monday night when the machine on which she was riding crashed into a buggy. Mrs. Thorndike was riding in the rear seat and the driver was blinded by the headlights of an approaching automobile. Dr. R.J. Conroy was called and rendered medical assistance. Her condition was reported as serious, with a fighting chance for life.

The matter was not reported to the police, Mrs. Thorndike and companion on one motorcycle, and two friends were upon another motorcycle. They were driving down the street side-by-side when the accident occurred.

As a result of the accident, and the report to the authorities of several near-accidents, it is probable that the city council at its next meeting will take steps towards regulating lights on autos so that they will not be dazzling in their brightness. In many cities light dimmers are placed on all autos. According to Chief Hittson, many drivers on the Pacific Highway retire to the side of the road at the approach of an auto searchlight as a precautionary step.


Distinguished men from the Orient and Washington will flit through Medford and the Rogue River valley the last of the month. The Honorary Commercial Commissioners and officials of the Chinese republic will be here on Tuesday, June 29th, south bound on train 15. The party is on a tour of the country to study trade conditions, and its personnel includes some of the leading figures in the political and financial life of the Flowery Kingdom.

Monday, June 21st , the committee of appropriations of the 64th congress, will pass through this city in two private cars on Train 14, en route from the fair.

Monday, June 14 — a party of 100 under the auspices of the DKreuger association, will pass through the city in a special train.

This afternoon a special party of 20 from New York, and Thursday a party of 20 in the private car "Ideal" will pass through.