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Mail Tribune 100

June 10, 1915


ASHLAND — Preliminary announcements for the 1915 assembly of the Southern Oregon Chautauqua include the following notable and diversified talent:

Lecturers — A headliner occurs on this platform in the person of Newell Dwight Hillis, a preacher and author; Nelson Dunling, exponent of civic improvement and better community safeguards; Della Crowder Miller, of rare attainments; W.A. Elliott, a genius from Kansas, presenting themes of broad scope and vital interest; F. Eugene Baker, a glad message, brimful of merriment; Baumgardt's illustrated talks with the present war situation in Europe; Father MacCorry, Catholic missionary, pictures include masterpieces of art; Roland Nichols, of rich personality, deals in the "Man Worth While." Last, but not least, is Geo. W. Bain of Kentucky, one of the most widely known speakers on the Chautauqua circuit, and a prime favorite everywhere. At this reappearance he will receive an ovation.

Entertainment — Evelyn Bargett, skilled artist, whose drawings are as beautiful as paintings. The famous Swiss yodlers, seven in number, whose specialties are incomparable; W.E. Floyd, magician; Mohala, mental telepathy and L.E. Allard, are "The Floyds," most clever entertainers; Edna E. Lowe will give practical health talks, in response to numerous requests that she reappear here this season, having so satisfactorily filled an engagement in 1914.

Readers — Della Crowder Miller, interpreter of literature; also Eugenie Lowe, one of the best readers on the platform.

Music — Fern Grant, soprano, a musician of great promise; H. Ruthven Macdonald, baritone, popular singer, artist and interpreter. The Alpine Yodlers and Saxony Singers, in their typical rendering of folklore melodies. The climax to vocal specialties will be the Il Trovatore Grand Opera company, composed of six American premier opera singers. Along instrumental lines will be Vincenzo Gullota, violinist; Ruth Gregg Jones, pianist and the Swiss Troupe, in charging selections. The Schumann quintet, a group of notable artists who appeared here in 1912, will be present this season "by request." Ciricillo's band, an Italian organization of 30 pieces, is to be a leading feature in two full concerts.

All the above and more for $2.50; children, half price. For additional details, address Southern Oregon Chautauqua, Ashland, Ore.