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Mail Tribune 100

June 27, 1915


It is rapidly becoming apparent that touring will not be limited to automobiles this summer, for hundreds of motorcycles are turning up their "boats" and getting together outfits which they can strap upon their machines.

Returns from the National Touring Bureau of the B.F. Goodrich company show that there is an unprecedented demand from motorcyclists for route maps, road logs and general touring advice in preparation for vacation tours. The growth of motorcycle touring has doubtless been inspired by the same agencies, which have prompted automobile owners to tour this summer. Everywhere magazine articles and tire advertisements are urging the people to "See America First."

The National Touring Bureau of the B.F. Goodrich company is offering free maps and road logs to all contemplating tours. The Goodrich company has even put out a new safety tread motorcycle tire — the tire with the black tread — which is designed as the tire best calculated to take the rider on his "See America First."

That motorcyclists contemplating tours have taken advantage of this offer is attested to by the fact that the Goodrich company can scarcely supply the demand which has been created, and the plant is now working twenty-four hours a day in an endeavor to catch up with orders.

With both motorcyclists and automobiles upon the roads this summer, it is stated that without question there will be over a million tourists who will take trips of more than five hundred miles to "See America First."


Following the lead of Colonel Samuel P. Colt, president of the United States Rubber company, Elisha S. Williams, president, has instructed the heads of the various departments of the United States Tire company to encourage all employees to join the militia of the states in which they reside.

In conjunction with the United States Rubber company, this means that over 55,000 men are to have the sanction of the United States Rubber company if they choose to join the state militia or naval forces.

The United States Tire company will continue the pay of any employee who does military duty, and the annual camping or cruising tour will not interfere with the regular vacations given by the United States Tire company.