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Mail Tribune 100

July 2, 1915


Martin J. Reddy received the following from one of the wholesale houses in Providence, N.J., with whom he does business, which shows how the Medford poster stamps are advertising the valley:

"The writer has noticed several times that letters and packages sent in by you have had poster stamps attached bearing pictures of scenes in the Rogue River valley. As he is making a collection of these. Would you be willing some time when sending in a package or letter to include some of these stamps for his collection? Enclosed find one of the poster stamps showing the designs accepted by the Providence chamber of commerce recently.


It has been decided to hold the annual meeting of the formerly of Kansas people in the Rogue River valley at Ashland on Thursday, July 8. This will be during the Chautauqua and it is urgently requested that all Kansas people be present on that day. A noted speaker from the Sunflower state is on the regular Chautauqua program for that day and there will be a short program by the Kansas people and a basket dinner at noon, to which all are invited to take a basket well filled and participate. Watch for further announcements.


WASHINGTON, July 2 — Representations concerning the misuse of the American flag by British merchantmen will be included in the general note which the United States intends soon to send to Great Britain covering restraints of American commerce in connection with the so-called blockade.

Secretary Lansing disclosed today that the investigation being conducted by the U.S. government into cases of alleged misuse of the American flag to deceive German submarine commanders has not been completed, but that evidence in specific cases probably would be called separately to the attention of Great Britain, while the general subject would be included in the new note.