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Mail Tribune 100

July 9, 1915


Medford day at Ashland Chautauqua will be Monday, July 12. The forenoon lecture is at 11 o'clock; popular concert by Cificillo's band at 2:30 p.m.; 3:30 p.m. "Il Trovatore" in four acts by grand opera company, accompanied by band; 8:40 p.m. Italian band concert.

There will be no special train service between Medford and Ashland, but with the 500 or more automobiles in town it is hoped that many will attend the special day assigned as Medford day.

The Chautauqua management has tried to select a good day for Medford in accordance with the suggestion made a year ago for "Ashland to furnish the entertainment" instead of using Medford talent.


Responsibility for the collision of two locomotives in the Southern Pacific yards at Ashland early Monday morning with an incoming train carrying excursionists back to Grants Pass from Montague, Calif., resulting in slight injuries to eighteen passengers and six employees, has been fixed by a board of inquiry whose report was wired to the company's general offices at Portland.

The main responsibility is laid to Engineer W.F. Long of the excursion train in failing to comply with instructions. Night Yardmaster H.H. Gillette is censured for permitting engine 2622 to go onto the main line from roadhouse track in face of the oncoming train without arranging for proper protection, and Engineer Bowers of local 2347 is also blamed for not taking similar protection before coming onto main line from a switch in opposition to the approaching train. Conductor Cotter is likewise held responsible for failing to note the high speed of his train in the yard limits and failing to use the conductor's plug to check the speed.


Work of laying stone on the new federal building at Sixth and Holly streets began this week, and a carload of stone is being received weekly from the quarries at Auburn, Wash. Work has been delayed, first by flaws in the steel, then by improper coloring of the brick, and then by the stone shipments not coming up to specifications. The building is now three weeks behind schedule. The contract calls for its completion ready for occupancy by May 1, 1916.