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Mail Tribune 100

July 15, 1915


if the city of Medford wants to enter the electric light and power business, the California-Oregon Power company stands ready to sell their present complete distributing system and wholesale the city the power which the city can retail at a profit, the price for the same to be fixed by the state railroad commission or by arbitration, as the city may elect.


Alfred Reed and Jess and James Wilson, the last two brothers, charged with burglarizing the home of Mrs. Lou D. Jones on Roosevelt avenue of $500 worth of jewelry last Friday afternoon were dismissed by Justice of the Peace Glenn O. Taylor this morning for lack of sufficient evidence to convict. The boys were given a lecture by the court, who told them to be out of Jackson County by sundown, and Prosecutor Kelly ruged them to mend their ways and find honest employment instead of "hoboing."

Mrs. Fred Powell, Mrs. Ed G. Brown, Mrs. E.E. Kelly, Mrs. Claude Miles, Mrs. C. DeVore and Mrs. Clyde Hazelrigg testified of seeing the three in the neighborhood of the Jones home from half to an hour before the burglary Mrs. Kelly, who saw the burglars leave the home could not positively identify the three defendants as the men. None of the loot was found on the trio. They explained their movements, somewhat suspicious, by saying they were looking for food.

James Wilson, the youngest of the three, is only 14 years old, a bright little chap, who made a good impression by his straightforward answers. He ave many humorous sidelights on the woes of tramping. The two Wilson boys live in Portland, and Reed is from Ohio.


ASHLAND — "Crowded" didn't express the condition of the Chautauqua tabernacle on both Monday afternoon and evening, which marked the appearance of Circillo's Italian band. The date was also Medford day on the calendar. The afternoon's program was a "popular" one, in which many families airs figured. The evening's round of pleasure embraced more of the classic productions, including the music from Carmen, Wilhelm Tell, the Bohemian Girl, etc., together with four acts from "Il Travatore," as a grand opera treat. There was not even standing room in the building to such an event was the entertainment patronized.