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Mail Tribune 100

July 20, 1915


The upper Rogue River, so long famed for its steelhead trout and salmon fishing, in a single season has been wiped off the map as an angler's paradise.

A few steelhead have been taken, nearly all of which are scored and cut by net marks and apparently by woven wire.

Nowhere in the river are the fish seen jumping as in former years, and expert anglers who have visited the river frequently this season report they have not seen any steelhead in the river at all. Sunday several score of anglers plied the river diligently, and the only catch reported was two small steelhead, both bearing net marks.

Those familiar with the river believe the installation of a second cannery on the lower river is responsible for the lack of fish in the river. The marks on the few fish taken so far would indicate that the commercial fishermen on the lower river are using much smaller meshed nets than allowed by law, and that the run of fish has been completely shut off by stretching woven wire across some of the shallow riffles. In any event the fish are being kept out of the upper river.

The citizens of Jackson County are getting aroused, and intend to have the matter thoroughly investigated. Beyond all question the action of the lower river fishermen will result in the initiation of a constitutional amendment at the next election closing the entire river to commercial fishing. It is argued that in no other way can the river be saved from the complete depletion of its salmon and steelhead trout.

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