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Mail Tribune 100

July 25, 1915


People living in the neighborhood of the new federal building on Sixth and Holly streets complain that they are awakened every morning with the birds by busy brickmasons assiduously breaking bricks. During the hot spell the workmen go to work at 5 o'clock and quit at 1:30 p.m. to escape the heat, and this change in the working hours has raised havoc with the beauty sleep of guests at the Medford Hotel and some of the leading citizens. The complainees allege that the sound of a trowel against a brick would wake up the dead, and that while admiring the enterprise of the toolers, they propose to file a complaint against a continuation of the practice.

According to present plans the federal building will be completed by January 1st.


Recently a prospective purchaser who came here from Illinois to look over the valley stated, "I do not see enough silos." This remark probably because they are recognized as the barometer of a country's prosperity.

Thirty years ago, few farmers knew what a silo was, and fewer had ever fed silage to their stock. Today in almost every state in the Union they are as common as barn buildings.

Siloing your corn is the only known method by which an almost total failure can be converted into a rich, palatable and lasting feed. Ensilage is valuable as a summer feed as well as winter.

At what will be the prevailing price of hay before spring, farmers would doubtless do well by installing a silo, which would enable them to sell their hay.

Every agriculture college in the United States for several years has been publishing bulletins on silos and ensilage urging their use for it not only doubles and trebles the feeding value of corn, vetch and numerous other crops, but for the dairyman and stock feeder they are invaluable.

Look through any publication on farming that is available, write to the Oregon Agricultural College at Corvallis, or call on any dealer in silos for information. The statistics from experiments and favorable testimonials from their users is astonishing and will cause you to wonder why this needed improvement has been so long delayed.

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