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Mail Tribune 100

July 26, 1915


A brush and forest fire in the Willow Springs district Sunday, supposed to have been started by a follower of the theory that burning of wooded sections annually is necessary for a heavy growth of grass the following spring, threatened the home of Julius Berkholdt and the Willow Springs Schoolhouse, and damaged half a mile of telephone and telegraph wire and poles. After an all-day fight, the fire was brought under control. A menacing fire swept over the same district about this time last year. Practically the entire neighborhood was out fighting the flames.


To the Editor:

Inasmuch as the committee appointed to act on the so-called Medynski proposition have asked me to give you some written suggestions, I will solicit space of you for same. First, it is necessary that the people of Medford understand the situation, so here is a synopsis:

There are outstanding pavement bonds against the city of Medford to the amount of nearly $600,000, for which all of the property in the city is bonded, both paved and unpaved. Then it was the understanding that those owning property on the paved streets should pay this money into the treasury of Medford, thus enabling Medford to liquidate, but these citizens have not made these payments, so there are no funds on hand with which the bonds may be redeemed, so much for the situation.

Now for the remedy. Councilman Medynski has offered a proposal, which was published in the Mail Tribune. Now this proposal contains two serious issues. First, rebonding the city, second, I will have to designate as legalizing repudiation.


I suggest that we separate these two questions and let the people act on them one at a time, and not as the intention apparently is to make a clean-cut proposition like rebonding and drag a joker through like one attached to it.


Now in my humble opinion it would be best to act on rebonding and issue new bonds on identically the same conditions as those outstanding with the exception of time and let that alone be the essence of the exchange, then when that is done we can get together and settle the other in some amicable way. It will give us time to look at the question from every angle, and yet keep the credit of the city at par.