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Mail Tribune 100

July 27, 1915


The Nurmi Baking Company has recently installed three new machines and now has one of the most up-to-date sanitary plants on the coast.This company commenced business in Medford 10 months ago, and by giving the people the best that can be made by modern methods from the best materials and by advertising freely, have built up a wonderful business for "Butter Nut" and "Pan Dandy" bread all over the county and city, and have a big out-of-town business. They are now baking 3,000 loaves of bread daily, have baked as high as 5,000 and hope to reach their capacity soon of 8,000 loaves daily and will install another oven and increase the capacity to 12,000 loaves.

Their object of advertising liberally is not to take business from other bakeries but to increase the demand for bakery bread and pastries, and discourage home baking.

They invite visitors any day from 6 to 8 p.m. except Saturdays, when their baking is in progress. Their process is as follows: Flour is first put in a power sifter and from that it is dumped into a power mixer, then into troughs where after being properly raised it is put into the new divider where it is scaled into loaves, carried on belts into the rounding-up machine then into the automatic proofer, where it remains from four to 10 minutes, and is then discharged into a molding machine and from there it is ready for the oven. All this work is done automatically by machinery, and the only time the dough is touched by hand is when it is taken from the troughs and put into the divider and when it is put in pans for baking.

Advertisement: How French People Cure Stomach Trouble

A household remedy of the French peasantry, consisting of pure vegetable oil, and said to possess wonderful merit in the treatment of stomach, liver and intestinal troubles, has been introduced in this country by George H. Mayr, who for 20 years has been one of the leading downtown druggists of Chicago, and who himself was cured by its use. So quick and effective is its action that a single dose is usually enough to bring pronounced relief in the most stubborn cases, and many people who have tried it declare they never heard of anything to produce such remarkable results in so short a time. It is known as Mayr's Wonderful Remedy and can now be had at all leading drugstores.