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Mail Tribune 100

July 29, 1915


The Ford Motor Band, consisting of 55 skilled musicians, played in Medford Wednesday afternoon. Every member of this band is on the factory payroll of the Ford Motor Company, and the transcontinental tour to San Francisco and San Diego expositions is complimentary, a tribute of appreciation by the company to the splendid musical work of the band, which has been achieved without, in any way, interfering with their regular work in the factory. The members of the band have given of their own time for much practice. They have studied hard, they have worked assiduously in perfecting a musical organization that takes first rank with any others in the country, not excepting the best professional bands.

The itinerary has been prepared and covers a series of band concerts in the various cities wherein the Ford Motor Company operates branches and assembling plants. Practically a special train will be theirs, consisting of two hotel pullman cars, a standard pullman car and a baggage car. These will be attached to regular trains, but will be exclusively occupied by the members of the Ford band during their journey. They will stop en route at about 20 cities as follows, leaving Detroit at 8:25 a.m. Tuesday, July 20, giving concerts in each of these cities: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Fargo, Spokane, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, with six-days stay in the latter city. Leaving San Francisco on Wednesday, Aug. 4, they will go to Los Angeles, San Diego, where two days will be spent. From San Diego to Salt Lake City, thence to Denver, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, Columbus, and arrive home in Detroit Monday, Aug. 23.

Every member of the band is a bona fide employee of the Ford Motor Company, they are enrolled in the various departments of the Ford factory, and represent eight nationalities; namely, 4 English, 12 Americans, 10 Italians, 15 Germans, 1 French, 2 Polish, 10 Canadians, 1 Scotchman. They are under the direction of Mr. H.C. Philp, while the tour proper will be looked after by Mr. H.S. Morgan, secretary of the Ford Motor Band.