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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 1, 1915


Mr. and Mrs. Bentley have announced the marriage of their daughters, Misses Ola and Nola Bentley, to Messrs. James Poole and Stacey Hayes, to take place Monday, the 6th of September. Mr. Stacey Hayes, who is now employed on the Ashland auto line, is well known in this part of the country, especially in and about Central point, where he spent the greater part of his boyhood. He and Miss Nola will make their home in Ashland after marriage. James Poole, originally from Kansas, has recently been released from duty with an army camp at Vancouver, and will make his home at Talent for the present. The double marriage is an unusual occurrence, as the girls are twins, and will be married on their 16th birthday. The brides-to-be have many friends about Talent who wish them a long and happy married life.

The young people of the M.E. church announce a watermelon social at the church parlors Thursday evening, September 2. The proceeds are to go toward paying for the new piano.


No new fires were reported to forestry officials this morning, and the forest fire situation throughout Jackson county is now under control. Most of the men engaged in fighting the flames returned this morning, and the remainder will be through their work tonight. Several brush fires are burning in the northern part of the county. The only danger is from a high wind fanning the dying embers into life. the moderation in the weather with the cool nights diminish the forest fire danger.


After weeks of anticipation, with daily inspection of the billboards and pictures in the store windows, the small boy comes into his own tomorrow. The Big Barnes Wild Animal Circus will be here to entertain young America and his parents and other relatives.

A big circus bristling with as much new entertainment as the Barnes show provides, always sends a thrill along the spinal column of every red blooded youngster and grown-up, and why shouldn't it? It's the big fun day of the year, the day when folks for miles around come to town to meet and visit their friends and join in having a good time.