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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 4, 1915


Wilbur (Wig) Ashpole, deputy state stock inspector, has taken steps toward securing an enlargement of the stockyards of the Southern Pacific in this city, upon the grounds that the present accommodations are too small to handle the steady increase of the stock business in the Rogue River valley. The Southern Pacific is willing to enlarge the yards, but first want a demonstration that they are too small. The matter will be taken before the state railway commission for adjudication.

Buyers representing Miller & Lux of San Francisco this week have purchased 600 head of Rogue River valley stock, and are in the market for 400 more head. Most of the beef cattle purchased are from the Little Butte and Big Butte country. The work of shipping the cattle will begin next week, and the purchases to date will mean a trainload, the largest stock shipment out of the valley in years. Most of the cattle will have to be quartered on the road while loading.

There will also be heavy purchases of Rogue River valley hogs this fall, and the pork shipments will show an excess over 1914 and 1913. It is during the last two years that stock raising has shown a revival in this section, and the returns have netted fair profits to the stock raisers.

Applegate stock raisers will be visited next week by the buyers, sheep, hogs and cattle being sought. Among the stock in that section is Pat Swayne's famous herd of 300 Texas longhorns.


Talent is holding an industrial fair. School children have made 84 entries. Garden produce, sewing, canned goods, jellies and bread are shown in artistic style. Most entries consist of several varieties of vegetable or carefully prepared handwork. Maude Rice, from the Wagner creek district, with 12 varieties of garden produce, had an exhibit that made her boy opponents livid with envy. Harold Burnett and Clem Clark were close competitors. Helen Bagley's 26 varieties of canned fruit and vegetables were well prepared and attracted much attention.