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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 9, 1915


All is in readiness for the Jackson County fair, which opens today and which promises to excel any even of the kind ever held in the county, as it is to be an old fashioned fair full of amusements and with less horse racing.  There will be good running races, however, and harness races for Jackson County horses, also hitch-up buggy and mule races.

Today will be entrance day and there will be no amusements and no entrance fee, but the other three days will be big ones, with plenty of entertainment for everybody. Don't get the idea that Thursday being the first day having a program that it will not be a big day, for it will be one of the best. It is Medford and Eagle Point day, and the program will be a splendid one, beginning at 1:20 between Medford and Roseburg, followed by a relay race of two and a half miles, the riders changing horses every half mile and the purse is for $250. A part of this race will be run each day. There will be running races and other amusements occupying the afternoon.

In the ball game the purse is $300, the team winning two games getting 60 per cent and the other team 40 per cent. Medford and Roseburg teams play.

There will be excellent displays demonstrating the advance, and progress made in all industries of field, farm, orchard, dairy, stock raising, factory, home and school. The premiums on everything are liberal and in many instances larger than those of the state fair.

The management has tried hard to put on a fair to please the people, and are deserving of their patronage and good will.

The price of admission at the gate includes the grand stand and there will be no charge for autos or vehicles of any kind. Attend tomorrow and help make the fair a success from the start.

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In English gray and sepia — buff folders of such beautiful richness and simplicity that will appeal to the people "who know."

This regular $7.00 a dozen portrait will be offered as a fair special for $3.00 a dozen on the three Fair days — Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and continuing through next week only.

Open Saturday evening, and settings can be made at this time.