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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 16, 1915


A Dodge automobile belonging to R.E. Halley of The Palace rooming house, and driven by Miss Gladys Wilson, was demolished Wednesday evening by northbound Southern Pacific passenger train No. 16, at the Bear Creek orchard crossing. Mrs. Halley accompanied Miss Wilson. The engine auto "died" on the track while the women were opening a gate. The engineer of the train stopped after he had struck the machine.

According to eye witnesses, the train was 900 feet away when the engineer gave his first warning blast, and that he continued to blow the whistle as the women ran up the track waving for the engineer to halt. Miss Wilson made an effort to start the car, but failed, and added her efforts to those being made to stop the train afterwards.

Attorney Gus Newbury has been retained by Halley, and a claim for damages will be filed against the railroad upon the grounds that the engineer could have stopped within 900 feet.


An express package containing "Gruen" watches, consigned to Martin Reddy of this city, was stolen from the express car of northbound passenger No. 16 Wednesday night, at Ashland, and found this morning in an irrigation ditch near that city. The thief in fleeing with his loot tried to jump the ditch and failed. The package was dropped in the water, and the water soaked watches were delivered to the local jeweler this morning. The express package was missed upon the arrival of the train at this city, and a message was sent to Ashland as a tracer.

The watches were valued at $150, and were of the latest make and design. They were shipped from Cincinnati. There is not the slightest trace of the thief.


Veterans of the Civil War in reunion in this city marched to the high school this afternoon, where they presented a flag to the school in their simple and impressive exercises. They marched through Main Street and were headed by a drum corps. As they marched they sang songs of '61 and '65.

At noon a lunch was served in St. Mark's hall to the old soldiers, and exercises were held in the city park.

The reunion will close tomorrow.