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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 5, 1915



This article is written for every woman in the Rogue River valley who uses canned fruits and canned vegetables, and for every farmer in the Rogue River valley who has had, has now, or would like to have fruits and vegetables to sell to a convenient market for cash, the sale being made to such a market wholly by supplying it with a good quality of the raw products of their farms. They need the earnest and constant co-operation of the women who buy such goods and the men and women behind the counters who sell goods to sustain it, for it rests with the latter almost wholly, to maintain and enlarge the usefulness of such a market.

The most provokingly indifferent person in the valley who pretends to earn an honest living knows positively that we have the labor to produce the raw goods for the factory to turn out in the form of the finished product at a profit to all concerned if the market for the products is made a real thing of business entity and maintained by those who use such products. This can be done only by using every dollar employed in the purchase of such things in buying the home product. This is a simple proposition, isn't it?

We Have a Local Cannery

The Rogue River Valley Canning company, located in Medford and managed by R.D. Hoke, an expert canner who has no superior on the coast, paid out for farm and garden this season and for the labor necessary to convert it into the finished product, the sum of $6,000. If the output of that cannery were ten times greater, its outlay in money at home would be $60,000, wouldn't it? And it would be ten times greater if those directly interested had helped it to create and maintain a market.

Without much help at home, the manager of this cannery succeeded in doubling the output this year over that of last season. The best help he has had was the extraordinary quality of every can of goods he put out. His extra fancy quality of Bartlett pears and loganberries and loganberry juice, his extra standard Kentucky Wonder string beans and the same class of tomatoes solid pack. The par excellence of his apples and, indeed, everything he cans, has so far done the work for him.