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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 10, 1915


No successor was elected to B.F. Mulkey, as member of the board of education at the monthly meeting Tuesday night, as Mr. Mulkey's resignation had not been filed.

The board accepted the proposition of the library board to keep supplementary school books. The contract was, therefore, signed.

There is a proposition on which Superintendent Hillis and Miss Robinson, librarian, have been working assiduously since last fall and they are greatly pleased this morning with the school board's conclusive action last night.

In the system proposed, the supplementary school books will be distributed to the pupils by the heads of the school departments, thus making it possible to reach them with more directness and with less loss of time by the pupils in the study of proper books, histories and so on, than under the old system. The teacher of each department will know just what books to select for her pupils. The books are being classified now and the new system of distribution will soon be applied.

Last year the board appropriated $200 for the services of a special school librarian, whose duty it was to distribute the supplementary books, but the system was not satisfactory. The new system will incur no extra expense, but will add many advantages.

The principals of the ward schools were appointed to begin the work of taking the new school census at once. This is an innovation that appears to have several advantages, also, inasmuch as the teachers will have the assistance of parents and pupils in their wards and will also be able thus to meet the parents in such a manner as to yield benefits in the more intimate acquaintance thus formed.

The high school boys have organized a band. They have begun the work of acquiring proficiency with much earnestness and are enthusiastic over the prospect of having a fine organization. The board voted to encourage them by the purchase of a bass drum and agreeing to supply the band with sheet music.

"The Human Interest Library," in two volumes was purchased by the board for use in the schools.

Monthly expense bills were ordered paid.