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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 20, 1915


Long-standing deadlock between the city council and California-Oregon Power Company settled by new agreement whereby city gets 3 per cent of gross receipts.

The three years' deadlock between the city council and the California-Oregon Power Company over the franchise and rates charged the city, was settled Saturday at a special council meeting whereby a new agreement was made, the city getting 3 per cent of the gross receipts of the power company and effecting a saving of several hundred dollars per month in lighting bills. The validity of the franchise granted the company in 1907 was recently sustained by the Federal District Court, and the amount owed by the city for light and power applied to the purchase price of the city plant. Virtually the same proposal was made months ago by the company but rejected pending the court decision.

Privileges waived

The city council in special session Saturday afternoon passed a resolution of agreement to certain stipulations formulated and agreed to by counsel for both the city and the company at a prior meeting, the company waiving certain privileges conferred by the decree of the court in its final judgment of the case.

Most of these stipulations concerned the city's lights and the cost thereof, together with certain changes which add 16 light units to the present system.

No free lights will be granted; but, in lieu thereof, the company makes a flat rate of four cents for such lights.

The city is to take over the renewals and replacing of dead lights at a 15 percent reduction, which will amount to each month, as the system now exists, to about $85.