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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 22, 1915


THE EXHIBIT BUILDING is passing through a period of rearrangement and renovation. D.M. Lowe has donated the major portion of his recent display at Portland to reinforce the local showing, and is personally directing the arrangement of exhibits in order to secure best effects. This has been done at the expense of eliminating various antiquated souvenirs. An ancient squash dating from medieval times and some processed junk which was canned the year the railroad passed through Ashland will be sadly missed by the pioneer tourist element, which will look in vain for these familiar landmarks. As rearranged, the exhibit never looked finer.  SULFUR WATER is in and is now available at the cave receptacle in Lithia Park. It comes from the Berkeley Spring, several miles out, and reaches the park system under a gravity flow. This water was sampled under new surroundings last Saturday. A COLOSSAL SIGN now calls more particular attention to Enders & Sons department store, under which one roof are dry goods, grocery, clothing and furnishings, boot and shoe, notion, millinery, snit and cloak. Cafeteria, meat market, hardware and barbershop departments are collectively grouped into an establishment which rivals as to size and contents any store in the county. SUNDAY, Nov. 28, was designated as a Red Hog day in Ashland, as per official proclamation by the chief of police in both city papers. The appointment was reconsidered, however, and the big porker, which has been in limbo in the municipal pound for two weeks' past, was offered at a closing-out sale on Thursday, Nov. 18, thus squashing a charge of trespass which was preferred by a freeholder squealing on the pig. The unredeemed porcine was formerly owned by the Silsby estate.