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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 27, 1915

Editor's note: There is no Sunday, Nov. 28, 1915, paper.


On complaint of a Mr. Applebaker, of Jacksonville, C.D. Knauth was recently arrested on a charge of larceny by bailee.

Associated in work with Knauth was one Arthur A. Mosher, against whom a similar charge has been lodged by Applebaker, in addition to the charge of passing fictitious bank checks. Two of the latter's forgeries have been unearthed, it is alleged.

Mosher escaped and was last heard of in Hornbrook, California, but Constable A.L. Hammond has the warrant for his arrest and he arrested Knauth recently. Descriptions of the alleged fugitive from justice have been sent to the authorities in California towns and it is likely that Mosher will be headed off within a few days. Meantime the case against Knauth is being held in abeyance.

Applebaker, it is alleged, sold the defendants a wagon team, receiving partial payment and taking a mortgage on the property for his remainder of the obligation. One of the horses died. The obligation was never paid, it is alleged, but the defendants disposed of the property. Knauth is said to have been merely a tool for Mosher.


President Welch of the Rogue River Canal Co. is registered at the Hotel Medford today from Spokane. He will remain some days inspecting conditions and progress in the extensive work now in process of development in the valley. The extension of the canal into the Willow Springs district and the proposed completion of the high line canal on the east side of Bear Creek are the matters of immediate moment both to the company and to the people who desire irrigation. The latter ought by all means to be a unit in both instances.