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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 30, 1915


E.J. Kaiser, veteran editor and politician, seriously wounded by Wm. Greenfield, postoffice employee, recommended for dismissal, who then shoots self, dying later.

E. J. Kaiser, postmaster of Ashland, founder of the Ashland Record, and for 20 years its editor, long a political leader and one of the best-known citizens of Southern Oregon, was twice shot and seriously wounded shortly after 11 o'clock Tuesday morning by William Greenfield, a postoffice clerk. Greenfield then shot himself in the mouth and was picked up in a dying condition, passing away at 1:25 o'clock.

Kaiser shot from back

Mr. Kaiser was seated, busy with the mail in the postoffice, when Greenfield, without words or warning, stepped up behind him and fired twice with a revolver. The first bullet entered the cheek near the ear and passed through the mouth. The second bullet passed through the ear and embedded itself in the neck, where it remains. The wounded man did not lose consciousness and summoned assistance and was taken to the hospital. He has an excellent chance for recovery unless blood poisoning sets in. He is standing the shock of his injuries well.

Miss Lydia McCall was the only other person present in the postoffice at the time of the murderous assault. She was at the delivery window, from which the postmaster's office cannot be seen. Assistant postmaster Eaton was in the state bank, next-door, at the time. Kaiser was in his front office.

Revenge the motive

Miss McCall, who has been in the employ of the Ashland postoffice for many years, heard the reports of the revolver and quickly gave the alarm. Meantime, Greenfield turned the revolver on himself with fatal results.

Greenfield was a single man and came from the New York postoffice some years ago. He was of Hebrew extraction, morose, ill-natured and quickly thrown into a passion of madness. He had recently been reprimanded for carelessness and his work was checked up by an inspector who recommended his dismissal. Knowledge of this probably occasioned the crime.