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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 1, 1915


Farmers of the Ashland-Talent district have completed initial moves necessary for the formation of an irrigation district and will apply to the county court at its January meeting for the creation of the district, comprising the bulk of the land possible to irrigate in the southern end of the valley excepting lands within the corporate limits of Ashland and Talent. A majority of the owners have signed the petition, which will be presented to the court.


The City Council at its Monday evening session passed the tax levy ordinance as it was originally presented.

The proposition of accountant E.M. Wilson to audit the city recorder's books and records for $300 was excepted. Mr. Wilson is a certified accountant and a member of the state board of accountancy.

A communication from Councilman Medynski concerning the refunding and rebonding matter was read and tabled. It presented another "compromise proposition," providing for refunding the outstanding paving bonds at 5 percent for 30 years and for the reimbursement in city bond certificates, bearing 5 percent interest, for a period of 30 years, those property owners who have paid on the paving obligation. ...

"As there has been so much opposition to the 'first plan' of re-bonding, here is a compromise offered, which cuts out the objectionable parts and yet embodies all of its best points by retaining the principle (pay for public improvements from public funds), and still will be just and fair to all," (Medynski said).