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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 2, 2015

A sampling of Mail Tribune advertisements:

Jackson County Creamery: We want more butter-fat. During last week we sold 3,103 pounds butter. November 29, one day, we sold 703 pounds butter. We pay 32 cent for butter-fat. The Swem Studios: The always welcome and highly prized gift — a photograph of yourself. If you want your pictures in time for Xmas, you must have them made at once. Grape-Nuts: Building for years to come. In the erection of modern buildings, the primary thought is for endurance. The same thought should be given to building our own body and brain — but few get it. This building process requires certain essential food elements which, within the body, are converted into the kind of brain, bone, nerve and muscle capable of enduring the severe tests of work and time.Grape-Nuts food is scientifically made of whole wheat and malted barley, and supplies, in splendid proportion, all the nutritive values of the grains, including their vital mineral salts, which are all important for life and health, but lacking in much of the food that goes to make up the ordinary diet. A daily ration of Grape-Nuts food is "good building" for sound health of years to come. "There's a reason." Sold in grocers everywhere. Paul's Electric Store: Sold on very easy payments. Clean the modern way. Do it "electrically." 212 W. Main. Pacific Furniture and Fixture Factory: The ideal Xmas gift is something useful and ornamental. A cedar chest is such, or most anything in the furniture line — a rocker, pedestal, smoking set, etc. Our special for this Christmas is our $8.50 Pacific cedar chest for $7. Come in and let us show you our line. Descriptive circulars for out-of-town people free for the asking.